Advanced Software & Applications


Advanced Analytics

The Leading Platform For Analyzing Complex Data.

Leverage AI and Machine Learning on your medical equipment's machine data to become proactive and data driven.


Advanced Application Technology

Unlock The True Potential of your Shimadzu Equipment.

Shimadzu provides various innovative application solutions which will greatly support you in the actual clinical scenes.


Clinical A.I.

A Fundamentally Different Approach Through Clinical A.I.

Software tools to aid clinicians to be able to see more, and detect faster and more effectively across the entire enterprise.


Dynamic Digital Radiography

See Radiology Like Never Before.

Revolutionary technology allowing clinicians to better visualize movement and evaluate function at a low dose.


Dose Monitor

Identify Potential Risks With Near-Time Alerts.

A unique software platform that identifies patients who may be at risk for ionizing radiation overexposure at the time an exam is ordered.


Smart Stitch

Breakthrough Technologies.

Shimadzu's Smart Stitch family uses smart automatic stitching and optimized scanning technology to produce speedier and more accurate scans.