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Flexible Service Plans for Equipment Optimization and Maintenance

Alpha Medical provides the most personalized and flexible solutions to protect your imaging equipment.


We offer the basics from preventative maintenance only to full-coverage options and everything in between. We will help tailor your plan to whatever your organization needs, with the ability to evolve as your organization grows overtime. Our services will increase uptime, keep the staff informed and the department on track.

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Flexible Service Plans

Our flexible service plans are personalized to meet your needs. We will help you tailor a plan that is the right fit for your facility. From all-inclusive coverage to preventative maintenance only, you have option of choosing from a wide-range of coverage options.

Included in your Service Plan:

  • Coverage Period – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Labor hours in which service and maintenance can be performed.

  • Technical phone support – For any questions related to your equipment, call our office to reach our technical support team to help you get online without requiring any site-visits.

  • Onsite Response – Our highly trained Field Service Engineers are promptly dispatched to get you back up and running  when an on-site visit is required.

  • Preventative Maintenance – Schedule a planned maintenance service during off-peak hours to keep your equipment performing optimally.


Optional Coverage Options:

  • Labor – On-demand labor included with the agreement or at a discounted price.

  • Parts – Repair parts included with the agreement or at a discounted price.

  • Glassbeam Service Analytics – Real-time system monitoring software that uses data from the imaging systems for predictive analytics. Available on select products.

  • Technical Training – Training is available to hospital personnel for new equipment and ongoing education.

  • Remote Service – Allows for faster service using a secure remote connection between Alpha Medical and your equipment.

Available on select equipment:

  • Glassbeam Utilization Analytics - Software that allows users to view the performance and utilization of your imaging equipment, at all times.

  • Technology plus program – Keep your imaging system from becoming obsolete by enrolling in our program to ensure that your system is up-to-date. Available on select imaging equipment.

  • Drop Protection – Allows replacement of  dropped and damaged DR panels.


Preventive Maintenance

Schedule a preventative maintenance visit with Alpha to ensure that your equipment performs optimally, to reduce repair costs, increase uptime and maintain regulatory compliance.


Multi-Vendor Service

Let Alpha Medical become your single source solution for maintenance and repairs on all your imaging equipment, regardless of manufacture.


Drop Protection Programs

Protect your investment by enrolling in our drop protection programs that are designed to save you money from dropped and damaged DR panels.

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Clinical Application Support

Alpha Medical offers an array of clinical application support services to help your facility stay on track. 


Speak with our certified engineers or use our remote services to diagnose your system, getting you up and running in no time. 


From new system training to continuing education, we provide new personnel with the skills they need through hands-on training, and help existing personnel revitalize their skills.

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We offer:

  • Technical Support - Our service department is just one phone call away. We provide fast and responsive over the phone support and can get you in touch with a certified engineer to find a prompt resolution to the issues that arise.

  • Remote Service - By establishing a secure remote connection, Alpha Medical is able to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve system issues without on-site visits, increasing uptime and ensuring that your equipment is continuously operating and performing optimally.

  • Technical Training - Alpha Medical provides technical training for the hospital’s biomedical engineering programs for all the equipment that we sell. Our training is available on-site or at the same facilities we train our engineers and it includes hands-on training to teach the required skills.

Equipment Financing

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Alpha Medical innovative financial solutions are designed to help facilities stay on budget, while allowing you to maintain your equipment up-to-date and prevent them from becoming obsolete. 


Through flexible payment plans, we help customers gain the financial assistance they need to improve quality care.


We offer:

  • Flexible Financial Plans - Through our TCO program, Alpha Medical will help you find the financial assistance you need through flexible payment plans that meet your budget.

  • Innovative Solutions - Our solutions take an innovative approach that helps spread out the cost of your new equipment instead on paying a lump sum payment, allowing your organization time to budget accordingly.

  • Upgrade Programs – Keep your system from becoming obsolete for years after purchase by enrolling in our Technology Plus plan, ensuring that your system is up-to-date with the latest technology.


Asset Management

Using our high-quality services, we manage your assets to provide a cost-effective coverage for all your imaging equipment, regardless of manufacture.


Our imaging solutions will help inventory your assets and develop programs for maintenance, utilization optimization, planned obsolescence, and disposition.

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We offer:

  • Imaging Solutions - Let us manage and keep track all your equipment, regardless of manufacturer, all in one contract. We will develop a maintenance schedule to increase uptime and extend the life of your equipment. By analyzing equipment usage and data, we will determine best practices to optimize utilization. Our planned programs will keep your facility from becoming obsolete by providing upgrades programs and helping in dispositioning assets.

  • Biomedical Solutions - Alpha Medical will assist your facility in developing  and managing a biomedical program to optimize your facility. We partner with multi-vendor and biomedical companies to bring you the workforce needed for maximizing uptime at your facility. With our resources, we help train your biomedical group for imaging and biomed repair services.

Site Planning

Reduce stress and stay on budget by using our expert help to ensure that your site is prepared for your new equipment.


From preliminary designs to complete project management, let Alpha Medical create an optimized workflow environment for all your radiology procedures.

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We offer:

  • Project Management - Save time and reduce errors by allowing us to professionally manage your project from start to finish. We will ensure that the scheduling, site preparation, construction, rigging, and installation are performed on time and on budget. By working alongside your staff, we will develop a timeline to streamline the installation process.

  • Site Planning - From preliminary drawings to site-specific final drawings, Alpha Medical provides site preparation specifications, installation requirements, and construction requirements.

  • Ergonomic Design – Meet with our design team to help improve the functionality, flow, and aesthetic for all your imaging rooms to provide a more friendly environment for your staff and patients.


Regulatory Compliance

Staying up-to-date with regulatory standards is a continuous process. At Alpha Medical, we stay up-to-date with the latest standards to help you maintain compliance, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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We offer:

  • Our Commitment - At Alpha, we are committed to providing high-quality services to all our customers in full compliance with all federal and state laws.

  • Equipment Compliance - All imaging equipment that we install and service is performed to meet OEM specifications.

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