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Automated Radiation Dose Management

A unique software platform that identifies patients who may be at risk for ionizing radiation overexposure at the time an exam is ordered.


Features Include

  • Patient historical dose repository

  • Robust reporting capabilities

  • Modality facility comparisons, both real time and historical

  • Customizable alerts and notifications

  • DoseMonitor® is a certified software partner with the ACR for DIR data upload

  • Dose data is exportable to dictation, HIS/RIS/EMR systems via HL-7


Manage Radiation Dose Effectively

Adapt to new technologies and meet evolving regulatory standards with the DoseMonitor® PACS-based automated dose data acquisition and analytics system.

DoseMonitor® provides immediate enterprise-wide visibility into patient dose exposure for multiple modalities and PACS systems. 


Capture, analyze, report and take action on the dose information needed to optimize patient dose/image quality.




Provides healthcare facilities of all sizes enterprise-wide visibility from day one into patient radiation dose exposure throughout the hospital or health system.

DoseMonitor® offers providers the greatest access to and flexibility in how you see, use and export dose data regardless of a hospitals size or configuration or number of modalities, units or even PACS systems. 

With enterprise-level data acquisition, DoseMonitor® provides visibility into your organization, to aggregate, interpret, compare and report ionizing radiation data.

Exam-specific Organ Dose is now available with DoseMonitor®

  • Real-time automated organ dose calculations using Monte Carlo data

  • 50+ phantoms available for auto-selection based on BMI, sex and pregnancy status

  • Broad device support

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