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Glassbeam Solution for the Utilization Analytics Market

Utilization Analytics

Allows heads of radiology groups to track asset utilization across the entire fleet of multiple OEM products and modalities, with drill downs based on procedure type, procedure duration, uptime and idle time. This feature combines utilization and uptime data to ensure inventory is being used optimally, while identifying critical issues to maximize uptime and generating key dashboards such as Referring Physician Analysis by Protocol Usage, Patients with Repeat Exam Analysis, and Procedure Analysis by Systems and Technologists.



Asset Utilization

Allows real-time monitoring of asset utilization on a monthly, daily or hourly granularity across all imaging modalities. Users can also compare utilization among facilities or between vendors.


Procedure Analysis

Shows distribution of procedures across systems and operators. Procedures can be categorized by modalities to isolate outliers; for example, most or least used procedures.



Referring Physician

Monitors referral leakage by analyzing patterns in referrals and creating awareness among physicians, on monthly or weekly reporting.

Patient Revisit

Provides analysis on procedures for a particular patient along with timeline and type of procedure. Patients can be correlated to referring physicians for additional insights.


Operator Comparison

Compares operator performance against a benchmark or set of peers to identify need for improved training or on-boarding process.

Key Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Efficient and Timely Clinical Workflow Management.

  • Customized Reports to Customer Specific Needs.    

  • Multi Modality Multi Manufacturer Enterprise Services.

  • True 360-Degree Operation View.

  • Better Understanding of Utilization.

  • Data Driven Capital Expenditure Decision.

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