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MX Stitch

Optimize scan time


MX Stitch can be performed in virtually any space as it is operated using a mobile x-ray machine.

In order to perform the MX Stitch two images are scanned of the necessary area and the panel is readjusted by the technologist between each scan. During the scan, in order to minimize exposure to radiation, a lead mask is placed inside the collimator slot so that the scan is only performed on the body parts in front of the panel. This prevents the same body parts from being exposed multiple times during a large area scan. Similar to the previous methods, the images are stitched together after the scan is completed to produce a composite long-view image in just a few minutes.


Additionally, the MX Stitch is an intraoperative stitching image solution, meaning scans can be performed during surgery. This allows for surgeons to observe results before closing the incision points and provides an effortless stitching workflow.


  • Intraoperative stitching image solution

  • Avoids unnecessary exposure by the beam limiting device

  • Smooth positioning

  • Accurate measured DAP value

  • Automatic collimator lamp ON by Hand SW

  • Intuitive operation mobile DR holder

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