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Glassbeam Solution for the Service Analytics Market

Service Analytics

Enables heads of Clinical Engineering departments and bio-med engineers to perform remote monitoring on key machine parameters such as helium level, magnet pressure, cold head temperature, compressor status, tube arcs and aborts on a per machine basis. Key capabilities include supplying proactive and predictive alerts on part and system failures; performing root cause analysis with logs, building knowledge base of key error types; and creating dashboards on-demand.



Glassbeam CLEAN™ Blueprint

Glassbeam Clinical Engineering Analytics is an end-to-end deployment blueprint (data collection, data transformation, and data analytics), which focuses on machine logs, DICOM headers, CMMS service histories, and environmental telemetry data related to imaging machines as well as bio-medical equipment.


Real-time Environmentals


Provides dashboard and/or alerts to monitor Compressor Power, Room temp/humidity, and Chiller water temp In/Out. Additional sensors could be added based on customer needs especially to monitor mobile units in remote locations.



System Health Dashboard

Enables service engineers to define complex rules on historical and current machine logs to identify issues signatures. Plots historical trends and resolution steps based on knowledge base for issues detected in machine logs. Summarizes analysis to help service engineers decrease time to issue resolution.


Predictive Maintenance

Deploys Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models based on historical data to predict future part failures, including CT tube failures, to minimize unplanned downtime. Applies anomaly detection to identify early warning trends.



Real-time Service KPI Dashboard via CMMS Integration

Eliminates manual effort and provides continuous measure for service team performance KPI including Mean Time Between Failure, Parts Replacement Rates, First Time Fix Rate, and Mean Time to Resolve. Combining CMMS data with machine logs provides more accurate information on these KPIs.

Operator Comparison

Analyzes how operators have used scanners including most common procedures, idle time between exams, and time taken for exams. Helps identify the need for additional training.


Key Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Data Driven Capital Expenditure Decision.

  • Enhanced Operator Productivity and Patient Care.    

  • Multi Modality Multi Manufacturer Enterprise Services.

  • Increased Uptime.

  • Optimal Utilization.

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