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The XPERT® 80

Specimen Radiography System

When it comes to imaging routine gross specimens in the pathology lab, experts rely on the proven power of the XPERT 80 Systems for unsurpassed image quality, ease of use and efficiency.


  • Stainless steel cabinet with internal dimensions of 36 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm (14″ x 17″ x 16″)

  • Micro-focus images of up to 5 microns or 100 lp/mm for maximum resolution and detail.

  • Built-in HD optical camera enables side-by-side comparison of radiography and optical images.

  • Enables Pathologists to effortlessly image excised breast and bone samples.

  • Interfaces seamlessly with Pathology and LIS software.


  • Largest detector for gross specimen imaging is 25cm x 30 cm (10″ x 12″)

  • Provides immediate confirmation of breast tissue margins.

  • Annotate and save images in multiple formats for clinical and academic use.

  • Mobile system for easy transport; benchtop system available.

  • Laser centering guide ensures accurate alignment of specimen and detector.


ViewAssist™ Features

An exciting new imaging toolkit from KUBTEC® Medical Imaging featuring unique, intelligent technologies that assist you in interpreting your clinical specimen images.


Optical View

Perfect Placement

The best way to confirm the orientation of your specimen through the built in camera, can be activated by voice at any time.


The Image Blender™

Find That Clip

Combines X-ray images and optical images together, identifying the location of your markers directly on the physical specimen.


Automatic Specimen Alert

A Timely Reminder

Pro-actively alerts you if a specimen has not been removed from the cabinet, using the Optical camera.

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