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RadSpeed Pro Edge

RADspeed Pro Edge

The top-of the line system in the Shimadzu RADspeed family, featuring the latest cutting-edge applications.

Optional Features/Applications

  • Tomosynthesis

  • Dynamic Digital Radiography

  • T-smart

  • Dual Energy Subtraction

  • Auto Positioning

  • Speed Stitch - Auto stitching of long view images

  • Synchronized Movements of X-Ray Tube and Bucky Unit

RADspeed Pro Automatic

Sophisticated automatic system supporting your quick positioning and workflow.

Optional Features/Applications

  • Dynamic Digital Radiography

  • Auto Positioning

  • Speed Stitch - Auto stitching of long view images

  • Synchronized Movements of X-Ray Tube and Bucky Unit

RadSpeed Pro Automatic

RADspeed Pro MC

A manual system with wide range of movement allows excellent imaging, technique flexibility and easy access to the patient. This enhanced flexibility is ideal for imaging centers that demand high productivity.

RadSpeed Pro MC
RADSpeed Pro Family

The RADspeed Pro Family

The RADspeed Pro family consists of the RADspeed Pro, the RADspeed Pro Edge and the RADspeed Pro MC. Each are High-Performance General Radiographic Systems Improving Workflow and Achieving Dose Reduction.

Features included in each RADspeed system

  • Up to 650 lb. Table Weight Limit

  • Elevating Table

  • 4-Way Float / Completely Flat Tabletop

  • Power Glide Technology*

  • Vertical Tracking*

* Only available on the RADspeed Pro Automatic and RADspeed Pro Edge

Advanced Applications (Optional)

Dynamic Digital Radiography

See radiology like never before.

Revolutionary technology using X-Ray pulses to allow clinicians to better visualize organic movement and evaluate function at a low dose.


The latest highest grade tomosynthesis technology.

Tomosynthesis-Shimadzu Metal Artifact Reduction Technology, tomosynthesis evolved further to reduce the metal artifacts with iterative reconstruction method.


Making the invisible visible.

Allows images of any cross section to be obtained easily from volume data acquired from a single tomographic scan.

Dual Energy Subtraction

Separate images of soft tissue and bone tissue.

By taking successive high and low voltage images and applying a calculation process, soft-tissue images and bone images can be viewed separately.

Longview Image Solutions (Optional)

Speed Stitch

Better workflow in just a few minutes

The X-ray tube and the FPD moves automatically to capture image data, which is then automatically stitched together to produce a composite long-view image.

One Stitch

Optimize scan time

With One Stitch, two or three panels are placed together in a slot and a technologist just needs to take a single exposure.

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