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RadPRO® SecurPASS®

Full Body Security Screening System

Designed to handle certain high-level security needs of prisons, border crossings, jails, and government facilities. Based on unique patented technology, this low-dose X-ray screening system detects many types of illegal substances and weapons, both internally and on the body.



  •  Low X-ray dose

    •  ≥ 0.25 uSv (0.025 mR) / per scan

  • 81.9 x 29.1 in (208 x 74 cm) scan area

  • Self-calibrating

  • Open, obstruction-free gantry design

  • Includes operator's console with 24" color display

  • Scans in under 8 seconds

  • Hardened steel platform certified to 660 lbs.

  • Windows® 10 OS supported

  • System does not reveal skin surface or fine anatomical detail

  • Detects weapons/contraband both internally and on the body

  • Able to detect through prosthetics

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