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Hot Swap Battery

Medical Panel PC

The OR-PC® 24 with Hot Swap Battery has been specially developed for mobile use in hygienically critical areas. The battery can be changed without restrictions while in use and ensures 24/7 operation.


  • Intel® Core™ Celeron i5/i7, (Up to 8th gen. ULV processor)

  • 2 Batteries for 4hr Worktime without power

  • Up to 64 GB DDR4-RAM

  • Up to 1 TB m.2 SSD

  • 24" Monitor display size




It is perfectly equipped for all mobile application areas. It strength is particularly evident in mobile use during physicians’ ward rounds. 


Like the OR-PC®, it serves as an input terminal or bed-side workstation for:

  • HIS (Hospital Information Systems)

  • ePR/ PDMS (Patient Data Management Systems)

  • Anesthesia Documentation Systems

  • RIS (Radiology Information Systems)

  • PACS

  • Digital video and endoscopy systems

  • Automated data transfer from medical devices


Highly Customizable Options

  • PCAP multi-touch

  • Display bonding LOCA for extremely high image quality

  • RFID reader

  • Barcode scanner

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Interface decoupling 4 kV (RJ-45, RS-232, USB)

  • Fiber optic card

  • Integrated video capture card

  • Loudspeaker

  • Cable cover

  • Antiseptic coatings

  • Individual customer layout

  • Individual glass coatings (anti-reflective, anti-microbial, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint)




The OR-PC® is water and dust proof according to IP65 on the front side. Dust turbulence is avoided by the fanless, completely enclosed design. The full-surface safety glass pane makes it completely disinfectable. An additional antibacterial coating is optionally available.


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