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ACL OR-Console®

The versatile wall module solution

The OR-Console® are wall mounted OR-PC®, OR-MD® or multi-screen solutions, that offer a wide range of customization options for the visualization and documentation of RIS/PACS, HIS and PDMS applications. It serves as a central control platform for recording and distributing patient-specific medical data. All these systems are maintenance-free, disinfectable,  protected from splashing water, cost-effective, have a long service life, and are easy to service and update.


Customizable Solutions

The modular design allows for complete customization of the size and equipment. The OR-Console® can be configured to be mobile by using pivoting mounting brackets or it can be a stationary installation as an in-wall or on-wall system.


The OR-CONSOLE® is available in the classical aluminum metal frame, a full glass front and as a combined solution of glass and metal front. The systems are designed so that they do not have to be dismantled for later updates and  all components can be easily replaced without affecting the sterile environment of the operating room.




Combining OR-PC®s and OR-MD®s as OR-CONSOLE® enables different and custom visualization options in a modern operating room. With the powerful OR-PC®s and the bright, true-color OR-MD® displays with large all-round viewing angle, the wall consoles are the first choice for medical image and video display in the operating environment.


Highly Customizable Options

  • PCAP multi-touch

  • Display bonding LOCA for extremely high image quality

  • RFID reader

  • Barcode scanner

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Interface decoupling 4 kV (RJ-45, RS-232, USB)

  • Fiber optic card

  • Integrated video capture card

  • Loudspeaker

  • Cable cover

  • Antiseptic coatings

  • Individual customer layout

  • Individual glass coatings (anti-reflective, anti-microbial, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint)




The OR-Console® is water and dust proof according to IP65 on the front side. Dust turbulence is avoided by the fanless, completely enclosed design. The full-surface safety glass pane makes it completely disinfectable. An additional antibacterial coating is optionally available.


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