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Mobile Solutions

The perfectly assembled medical trolley

The mobile trolley solution combines the latest ward trolley technologies with the OR-PC® or the OR-PC® 24 with hot swap battery. ACL offers a specially designed ward trolley according to your requirements, to provide maximum flexibility and optimal ergonomics.


Supports the nursing staff by relieving their daily work, in order to have more time for the patient. With this system the nurse will be able to access to the hospital information, patient records, RIS/PACS systems, medication systems, drug administration and logistics is possible at any time.




  • OR-PC® or the OR-PC® Hot Swap Battery

  • Integrated battery solution in the trolley or on the OR-PC®

  • Digital display provides information on the current charge status at all times

  • The working height can be adjusted at the touch of a button




The OR-PC® family is water and dust proof according to IP65 on the front side. Dust turbulence is avoided by the fanless, completely enclosed design. The full-surface safety glass pane makes it completely disinfectable. An additional antibacterial coating is optionally available.


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